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Architecture for all 

We believe every project can benefit from an architect's professional design

That's why our services and simple process are designed for every budget. We specialise in small residential projects, with planning fees starting at £650.

Building Extension Architect Company

Maximise Usable Space with Us 

Hoos is the award-winning building extension architecture company in London having a specialised team to offer house extension, kitchen extension, loft conversion, rear extension and home design.


Since 2015 we have been helping home owners create their own mini grand design with our simple, joined up approach to design and house extension architect services with our easy to follow four step process. 

Extend your home with our easy to follow process

01 Meet at your home

Nothing beats meeting up and walking and talking through ideas onsite. We also carry out a measured survey.

02 Create Design Options

We produce a series of design options tailored to you, your home and budget.

03 Planning

Planning can be tricky - we'll create a planning strategy and manage submissions on your behalf. 

04 Building Control

We coordinate the reports and consultants needed to produce the technical design required for Building Regulation Approval.


We know London

Originally operating primarily in Hackney, Haringey and Walthamstow we are now a London wide extension architect specialist.

From Westminster Conservation Areas to Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty, we are adept at navigating residential projects through often challenging planning environments.


Celebrate your Garden, bring the outdoors in.

An orangery kitchen extension is a great way to create a connection to your garden. Routed in the english country house tradition, like the modern kitchen conservatory extension, with more modern detail such as structural glass, and contemporary glazing, this addition to your home and kitchen can bring the outdoors in.

Lets talk ideas!

Building a extension: where to start

​Gather ideas and talk to an extension architect specialist!


Whether its Pinterest, magazine cuttings or whatever has inspired you, getting inspired is step one and forms a great basis for discussions with your chosen extension architect company. 

What should I look for in an extension architect firm? 

We recommend finding an extension architect firm local enough to know your area and local planning department and with a proven track record of delivering similar projects.


If you are not in our geographical area try searching online for a local extension architect or extension architect near me. 

How long will my extension architect need to produce design plans?

From meeting your kitchen extension architect to submitted plans, we recommend allowing 2 to 4 weeks. 

How much should I budget to build an extension?

A baseline entry level extension will be £1.5k to £2k per sqm, though more often £3k per sqm in London.  

Why hire an architect?

While it is possible to proceed without a kitchen extension architect, an architect will help deliver value, potentially saving money through assisting getting your project to site quickly and efficiently, getting better design a better result for your budget. 

I’m thinking of hiring a loft extension architect, at what point in my project should I involve an architect?

From the start. Your architect will guide you through the process, creating a project program to help establish costs and timescales. 

How far can I extend without planning permission?

Permitted development rights allow for 3m extensions for terraced housing and 4m for detached without planning permission. Getting a lawful development certificate is always recommended.

Depending on whether your property is listed or in a conservation area, this can increase up to 6m rear extension for a terrace and 8m rear extension for detached properties. 

With permitted development, for a rear extension architect advice should be sought as it has to comply with other design criteria. 

I live in a conservation area, how far out can a permitted development side extension go? 

Zero! Side extensions are not allowed permitted development within conservation areas.

A planning application is required,, so for a side extension architect or planning advice is advisable. 

We have a great track record for development with conservation areas. 

About Hoos

Hoos is a leading London based extension architect company  offering a range of extension architect specialist design services. If you are wondering where I can find an extension architect near me, you will be pleased to know that Hoos can do a perfectly sound job for you. Our company has been serving as an extension architect firm in  Hackney, Haringey and Walthamstow since 2015. Our experience as a professional extension architect company has helped create great family living spaces, delivering design value on each project.

What is a building extension? What are the advantages of choosing extensions?

An extension architect can help open up your home, creating transformative living space. When you need more space in your home, as you may have a growing family, you have either the option to move into a bigger house or get an extension for your home. However, stamp duty! In such cases, the best thing that one can do is get a house extension architect to create an extension to your home so that you have more living space. This is a more cost effective option. 


Extension Architect Company

Hoos has been serving as a reputed extension architect company for a long time and we can handle a wide range of extension projects. Whether you are in need of a kitchen extension architect, a rear extension architect, a loft extension architect, a side extension architect or a roof extension architect, we can do the right job at your home and within your budget. Being a highly skilled extension architect, we can also help create orangery kitchen extension and kitchen conservatory extension for you.

So if you are in search for a local extension architect that can do an awesome job, consult us at Hoos today for the best user experience at an affordable, cost-effective price.