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Architect in Haringey – Excellent Architecture & Planning Services

Haringey Architects

“Hoos is one of the leading architects in Haringey offering reliable & invaluable architectural services including house extension, kitchen extension, loft conversion etc.”

Hoos is an industry leader in Haringey when it comes to offering house extension solutions. Our architects Haringey, London can execute a wide range of services such as rear extensions, house extensions, kitchen extensions, loft extensions, roof extensions, retrospective planning, and much more.

Architects Haringey

Being a professional firm of architects Haringey, we are adept at handling basic and advanced level house extensions for our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience in respect to the architecture and design of loft conversion Haringey and kitchen extensions, we can provide you with the best solutions that money can buy and be cost effective at the same time. Our Haringey architects regularly work on projects all over the Borough of Haringey and so we know what people are looking for when they hire a house extension architect Haringey. No matter what type of design you are looking for, our residential extension architects can do the right job for you.

Architect in Haringey

Once you choose to hire our architect in Haringey, they will go through the various details of the project and decide on the steps that must be taken. Before carrying out any side and rear extension, we will do all the pre-planning and arrange for the necessary permits that maybe required. We can discuss your needs and budget with you so that you do not overspend. Since our residential architecture firm experts are completely knowledgeable about project management, you can rely on us to do a thorough job. We can also guide you about building control practices.


Consulting our loft conversion architect, will no doubt help you to decide which conversions and extensions would be most suitable for your existing home and within your budget. So consult with us today at Hoos for getting the best extension solutions in Haringey.

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