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Home Extensions Architect Design and Planning Services

House Extension Architect

“We are a leading house extension architect company in Hackney, London offering fully customised house extension architectural services that suit all budgets.”

When you are looking for a house extension architect, you should surely choose Hoos for the finest range of extension services in UK. We have been offering our house extensions architect service in neighbourhoods around Haringey and Walthamstow for many years now and this has definitely equipped us to do a thorough job for each and every project we handle.


House Extension Architect

We are a house extension specialist that can create stylish and functionally sound extensions for your home. Whether you want a semi detached house extension or a terrace house extension design, you can simply tell us what you want and we can handle the rest. We are also capable of creating different types of single storey house extensions for various property designs. 


House Extension Architect Company

Based on the front house extension or rear house extension you want us to do, we will create architect drawings for house extension that are precise and accurate. We are completely aware of the common challenges associated with managing the architecture and design work and so we always get the best house extension architects Hackney that can bypass such problems. This means that we can handle kitchen extension architect service for you with flawless efficiency.

House Extensions Architect Service

One of the things that people want to know when they are planning on hiring a house extension design firm is the house extension architect cost that they have to manage. We are very customer focused, so if you are looking for friendly house extension architect company, we can provide you with affordable house extension(s) that are always high on quality. Our house extension architects fees UK are very competitive, this means customers stand to always benefit from our rich expertise.


If you are looking for house extension services in the UK, contact Hoos today for a friendly consultation meeting.

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